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Friday, 16 September 2011 14:46

Technical Report: PCCA Lipoderm® Feline Vet Study

Lipoderm with Tramadol Performs Well in Feline Inner Ear Test

Evaluation of the Percutaneous Absorption of Tramadol, In Lipoderm®, Into Inner Ear Feline Skin, In Vitro, Using the Franz Skin Finite Dose Model



PCCA, once again, partnered with Cetero Research in Fargo, N.D., to study Lipoderm and its ability to transport the drug Tramadol through feline inner ear skin. Absorption was measured in inner ear feline skin, in vitro, using the finite dose technique and Franz Diffusion Cells. NEW LIPODERM STUDY!

Tramadol 100mg/gm in Lipoderm was tested on duplicate sections from two different feline inner ear skin donors, for the percutaneous absorption of Tramadol over a 48-hour dose period. At pre-selected times after dose appli- cation, the dermal receptor solution was removed in its entirety, replaced with fresh receptor solution, and an aliquot saved for subsequent analysis. In addition, the intact skin was recovered and evaluated for drug content. The samples were analyzed for Tramadol content by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC).


To characterize the percutaneous absorption pharmacokinetics of Tramadol in Lipoderm on feline inner ear skin using the in vitrofinite dose model.


The in vitro Franz skin finite dose model has proven to be a valuable tool for the study of percutaneous absorption and the determination of the pharmacokinetics of topically applied drugs. The model uses ex vivo animal, human cadaver or surgical skin mounted in specially designed diffusion cells that allow the skin to be maintained at a temperature and humidity that match typical in vivoconditions. A finite dose (e.g. 4-7 mg/cm2) of formulation is applied to the outer surface of the skin and drug absorption is measured by monitoring its rate of appearance in the receptor solution bathing the inner surface of the skin. Data defining total absorption, rate of absorption, as well as skin content can be accurately determined in this model. The method has historic precedent for accurately predicting in vivopercutaneous absorption kinetics.

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