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Thursday, 09 May 2013 17:13

PCCA Mixes It Up on a Bigger Scale

New manufacturing vessel greatly increases PCCA's base production capacity.


Here at PCCA, we recently doubled our manufacturing capacity for bases with the installation of a brand-new, 1,000-liter IKA manufacturing vessel. As one of only a few companies in North America to have the 1,000-liter model, this vessel and its smaller counterparts at PCCA allow transdermals and topicals to be made in a temperature- and pressure-controlled environment, and have the ability to circulate the emulsion through an inline high shear homogenizer. What this means is that an emulsion can be created with extremely small micelle size.

These machines are a tremendous asset to PCCA, allowing greater production of the exclusive bases that set PCCA members apart from the competition, as well as helping with the development of new bases in the future. Our Research and Development Team, led by Daniel Banov, RPh, MS, PCCA Director of Research and Development, is looking forward to getting its hands on the new IKA machine! The machine is currently in testing, as we work on getting it ready for scaled-up production.