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Wednesday, 02 July 2014 15:06

PCCA Members-Only Website Is Now Mobile-Friendly!

Members-Only site now can be viewed easily on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Want to access the PCCA Members-Only Website while you're on the go? You're in luck! Our Members-Only Site has a new look and feel that has been optimized for users on mobile devices (such as smartphones and tablet computers). The site can sense the type and size of the device you're using to view the page, then respond by shifting the layout to fit your screen. All you have to do is log in...no digital certificate needed!

We updated the site navigation so it's easy to use with a touchscreen. Now it's easy to search our product catalog, add items to your cart and place an order – all on your mobile device! You can also browse our Apothagram archive and search for commonly requested PCCA documents, certificates of analysis, MSDSs, research monographs, your account’s order history, and more.

screenshot - responsive design - product search resultsscreenshot - responsive design - shopping cart

Plus, with mobile access, you can easily take your tablet into practitioner offices to detail them on compounding applications, displaying files from the Members-Only Site when needed.

For security reasons, the mobile version of our Members-Only Website does not allow access to PCCA formulas or Video on Demand.

To add PCCA's mobile site to your home screen:

Open the site (wow.pccarx.com) in the device's web browser, then log in. At the bottom of the screen will be a navigation bar. Tap the square with the arrow pointing up, found in the middle of the navigation bar. One of the options given is, "Add to Home Screen." Tap that option and it will create an icon among your apps, which you can open for quick access to the Members-Only Site.

 screenshot - nav barscreenshot - add to