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PCCA's Exclusive T3 and T4 Dilutions


Liothyronine Sodium USP (T3) and Levothyroxine Sodium USP (T4) are used primarily for thyroid disorders and are dispensed in a highly diluted form. However, both T3 and T4 are typically not available pre-diluted. This requires pharmacies to dilute T3 and T4 themselves---a procedure that takes time, skill and patience.

Exclusively from PCCA, our 1:1000 dilution of both T3 and T4 saves pharmacies time, money and increases quality by eliminating the need to make a dilution in-house, or to grind tablets. The pharmacy operation is enhanced while building trust with practitioners and customers—with accuracy and quality meticulously assured.

  • Each gram of PCCA’s T3 and T4 contain 1 mg of Liothyronine Sodium USP (1 mg/gm) and 1 mg of Levothyroxine Sodium USP (1 mg/gm), respectively
  • A tremendous timesaver for complex formulations such as capsules.
  • Every batch tested to ensure accurate potency and content uniformity.
  • Available in a variety of pack sizes for less-frequent T3 and T4 compounding.


Lives depend on a job well done

While other suppliers may go for the low cost option as ‘good enough’, PCCA is dedicated to delivering the highest quality actives and non-actives. From the moment any one of the 4,500 chemicals we stock arrives at our facility to the time it ships to a member pharmacy, it’s tested and verified a minimum of fourteen times. That is on every lot we receive, not just the initial shipment. Because of this dedication to quality, PCCA rejects over 180 chemical lots a year.

Quality doesn’t stop with high-quality chemicals

Eagle Analytical Services completes the quality circle by testing their compounded preparations on an ongoing basis including sterility testing, bacterial endotoxins, microbial detection, beyond-use date (BUD) determination and active-ingredient potency. They not only test the preparation, they test the processes behind the preparation, giving pharmacies top-to-bottom confidence in their products.

  • Dedicated service, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Timely online access to test results.
  • Eagle Analytical coordinates with PCCA to troubleshoot your problem compounds.

Find out more about Eagle Analytical’s quality testing by visiting www.eagleanalytical.com.

Watch the video below, in which Bill Zolner, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of Eagle Analytical Services, describes process verification.

Click here for more information about Eagle services

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