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RAM™ (ResonantAcoustic® Mixer)


PCCA VP of Research & Development Gus Bassani, PharmD, shows how the RAM improves quality and increases pharmacy efficiency for mixing powders.

The Evolution in Mixing Technology

Traditional mixing methods can sometimes pose a risk of exposure to chemicals, require long mixing times, and are prone to variability. The PCCA RAM is a groundbreaking machine that uses low-frequency, high-intensity acoustic energy combined with high acceleration (G-forces) to rapidly, thoroughly and accurately mix powders. Resonant acoustic mixing (RAM) ensures an even distribution of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with repeatable results from mix to mix. It removes the human element from traditional mixing where potency results can be inconsistent depending on the pharmacist or technician’s mixing techniques.

The PCCA RAM significantly reduces mixing time, commonly to two or three minutes (or less), reduces the risk of exposure to chemicals, and requires no cleanup or mixing by hand. RAM technology is standard technology in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, and compared to high-speed mixers, it generates very little heat.

Using the PCCA RAM is simple and easy:

  • Weigh powder into a mixing jar.
  • Mount the jar on the RAM platform and close the lid.
  • Choose a setting, and push Start.
  • Within two to four minutes, the preparation is fully and accurately mixed.
  • The variability that is traditionally introduced by a human is gone.
Features Benefits

Simple settings—30 seconds, one-, two-, three-, or four-minute mixing times

and low, medium, or high mixing intensities

Extremely easy to use

Relative standard deviations (RSD) less than 4% demonstrated on

a broad range of formulations tested

Exceptional content uniformity
Completely sealed mixing process Reduces exposure to powders
Capable of mixing up to approximately 300 grams of powder at a time Enough to make a batch of 300 capsules
Powders are contained in a disposable jar

Eliminates clean-up time and prevents risk of cross-contamination

from one preparation to the next










 PCCA RAM pays for itself in less than 7 ½ months.

When we compared the total time and cost for preparing, mixing and cleaning of powders using a mortar and pestle versus a PCCA RAM, we found that the RAM pays for itself in less than seven and a half months, assuming you are preparing about 20 powder blends per day. Ask your sales person for a complete ROI breakout today.