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Eagle Analytical Services

Your Quality Control Lab

We live up to our slogan: When you think quality, think Eagle.

Eagle Analytical Services is a dynamic company dedicated to serving the needs of the Compounding Pharmacist. Eagle Analytical Services offers the highest quality in end product testing for sterility, bacterial endotoxins, microbial detection and active ingredient potency. Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with the experience and knowledge of our team makes Eagle Analytical Services the best choice for the Compounding Pharmacist's end product testing.

A PCCA company, Eagle Analytical Services has served the compounding pharmacist since 2004. Allying our strength with PCCA, we can call upon their full resources and extensive experience in working with all facets of compounding. Together we can work with you on any compounding issue you may encounter, we test your routine samples, help you fine-tune your formulations, and even provide feed-back on your compounding techniques. We will work relentlessly with you to solve your compounding problems.

Eagle Analytical Services is registered with the FDA, DEA and the Texas Department of Public Safety allowing us to offer a wide range of testing capability. Our raison d'être is to serve the compounding pharmacist, and we do it with expertise, enthusiasm and devotion.

Specialized Testing for the Compounding Pharmacist

  • Dedicated to the unique needs of compounding
  • Testing to USP and other certified standards
  • Modern state-of-the-art laboratory, cleanroom and instrumentation
  • All primary data stored in 21 CFR II validated data files
  • Microbial Detection using the Chemunex Scan RDI™ Protocol
  • USP <71> Membrane Filtration Test
  • USP <85> Bacterial Endotoxin Testing
  • Potency to USP <621> and equivalent protocols for accurate compositional analysis performed using HPLC Systems


In 2003, recognizing the changing regulatory environment, three visionary pharmacists established a unique analytical laboratory, serving the needs of compounding pharmacist.

The founders of Eagle Analytical also are the owners of PCCA, a leader in pharmacy compounding. While Eagle Analytical is a separate corporate entity, we do share a strong consulting and advisory relationship with the professionals at PCCA, drawing on their many years of serving compounding pharmacist.


Eagle analytical's three state-of-the-art High Performance Liquid Chromotograph (HPLC) systems facilitate the rapid and accurate analysis of active ingredients to USP standards. Initial protocol have been designed to analyze a number of chemicals - with rapid turnaround. Consult the Eagle Analytical for a list of current analyzed active ingredients.


USP Method <85> Turbidmetric Bacterial Endotoxin test systems. The test is based on the principle that in the presence of endotoxins, the lysate reagent becomes turbid.  The rate of increase in turbidity is proportional to the amount of endotoxins in the sample, and is used to quantify endotoxins.

Turbidmetric methods are rapid and specific with sensitivity to 0.001 EU/ml.  To minimize interference, all tests are performs at two dilutions and include a positive endotoxin spike to detect endotoxin enhancement or inhibition effects.  Standard tests compensate for pH and beta-glucan interferences.


The USP <71> Membrange Filtration Sterility Test is used throughout the world as the standard in sterility testing. Strict adherence to USP protocol and a unique test system ensure a low rate of false positive results.  The wide range of suitable applications makes it the first choise for accurate and reliable sterility testing.

Scan RDI™ Rapid Microbial Detection

With its unique combination of speed and sensitivity. Scan RDI™ represents a revolution in microbial detections.  Direct cell counts, down to a single microbial cell, can be delivered for a filterable sample.  This test procedure allows for rapid detections of bacteria, fungi and spores, without the need for cell growth, through a combination of fluorescent cell labeling and laser scanning technologies in a simple protocol.

For additional information, please visit EagleAnalytical.com