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Compounding Pharmacy Management Services (CPMS)

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PCCA assists compounders in achieving maximum profit through the use of data mining techniques, marketplace pricing strategies and growth in the compounded prescription segment. Following are the comprehensive services offered by this team.

Prescription Profitability Performance Report (3PR™)

  • Measuring sales, profit and inventory replacement costs for up to 28 different segments of your prescription business, the 3PR helps pharmacy owners measure the financial condition of their business
  • Additionally, the report identifies areas where improvements can make a significant impact on your pharmacy’s profitability
  • Initial analyses have identified an average of $5,000 to $10,000 profit per month being left on the table!

Coaching Services

Customized to meet your individual needs, this service provides:

  • Monthly prescription and budget analysis reports
  • An action plan to achieve profitability goals
  • A marketing plan to grow your compounding segment
  • Onsite coaching sessions
  • An annual client meeting
  • Customized general ledger formatting for QuickBooks®Pro or other accounting software
  • Prescription pricing strategies for traditional and compounded prescriptions
  • And much more!

Data Management Services

  • Monthly prescription report (no analysis of data)
  • Management coaching services available for an additional fee
  • Monthly Webinar programs
  • An annual client meeting
  • And much more!

Getting Started Services

Interested in setting up a specialty pharmacy? We’ll help with:

  • Business plan development
  • Marketing plan development
  • Site analysis review based on client-generated data
  • Pro forma budget
  • Leasing consultation
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Board of pharmacy licensure application review
  • Loan package assistance

Exit Strategy Services

For those PCCA members who are facing the overwhelming task of efficiently preparing for retirement, CPMS has developed several resources for members who desire to receive full value for their compounding pharmacy when completing an exit strategy.


CPMS’ Latest Coaching Client Offerings

  • Monthly Marketing Webinar with presentations from subject-matter experts
  • Annual Cost of Dispensing Study
  • Top 25 Best Sellers report


FREE VIDEO: Check Out What CPMS Has to Offer

Learn how PCCA’s Compounding Pharmacy Management Services can improve your pharmacy's operating efficiencies and PROFIT! This no-cost, 20-minute presentation will explain our services and how we utilize PK Software’s CPM Module to follow key indicators and develop trends for your data.

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