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PCCA’s Research and Development Department formulates and manufactures its own bases and cosmeceutical products. PCCA maintains our stringent Quality Control/Quality Assurance process on all of these products. In addition to quality testing of the manufactured bases and cosmeceuticals, the lab performs daily microbiological testing on the purified water used during production.

PCCA offers more than 50 high-quality proprietary bases, ranging from hormone replacement therapy to skin rejuvenation to veterinary applications. We carry the widest selection of bases and cosmeceuticals available! All are designed to save compounders valuable time in the compounding lab and provide patients with the quality they deserve.

Formulated and manufactured at PCCA, we have taken the quality and preparation of these bases and cosmeceuticals very seriously, investing in some of the best formulator minds in the profession, as well as state-of-the-art processing machines which are designed to produce superior emulsions.

PCCA recently doubled its manufacturing capacity for bases with the installation of a brand-new, 1,000-liter IKA manufacturing vessel. As one of only a handful of IKA customers in North America, this vessel and its smaller counterparts at PCCA allow transdermals and topicals to be made in a temperature- and pressure-controlled environment, and have the ability to circulate the emulsion through an in-line high shear homogenizer. What this means is that an emulsion can be created with extremely small micelle size. These machines are a tremendous asset to PCCA, allowing greater production of the exclusive bases that set PCCA members apart from the competition, as well as helping with the development of new bases in the future.