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See previews for the following Video on Demand, Rich Media Presentations:

Compounding for Autism - 45-2127
The Role of Nutrition in Autism - 45-2240

Integrative Cancer Treatment & Compounding Opportunities - 45-2238
Nutrition for the Cancer Patient - 45-2229

Consultant's Corner 
Consultant’s Corner - 45-2235
The Consultant’s Corner - 45-2264

Building an Anti-Aging and Cosmeceutical Niche - 45-2187 (available to U.S. Members only)
Cosmeceuticals - Taking it to the Next Level- 45-2177

Family Practice 
Compounding Opportunities for Family Practice - 45-2197

Financial Management 
Financial Management - Part 1 - 45-2205
Financial Management - Part 2 - 45-2206
Financial Management for the Compounding Pharmacy Seminar - 45-2207
Employee Interviewing and Hiring - 45-2297

HCG for Weight Loss - 45-2170

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) 
Practical Approach to HRT - Part 1 - 45-2124
Practical Approach to HRT - Part 2 - 45-2125
HRT and Achieving Optimal Health - 45-2161
Testosterone Replacement Therapy - 45-2160
Men's Health - Restoring Testosterone - 45-2196
Integrative Medicine: Hormones & Beyond - 45-2234
Supplements, Hormones, and their Impact on Cognitive Function - 45-2241
What You Must Know About Women's Hormones - 45-2244
Hormone Dosing and Compounded Dosage Forms - 45-2245
Nutrition and Wellness Aspects of Hormone Patient Care - 45-2249
The Role of Hormones in Chronic Pain and Diabetes - 45-2250
PCOS, Endometriosis, and Sleep Disorders in Menopause - 45-2251
PMS and Perimenopause Mood Disorders: The Use of Hormones and Integrative Therapies - 45-2296
Emerging Concepts in Testosterone Replacement Therapy – 45-2262

Developing a Marketing Plan - 45-2209
Guerilla Marketing - 45-2167
Making Your Marketing Message Stand Out - 45-2208

Nutrient Depletion - 45-2179
Stress and Adrenal Fatigue - 45-2178
Supplements in Clinical Practice - 45-2193
Nutrition and Wellness Education Series - 45-2195
Metabolic Demand of Athletes - 45-2190
Acids, Enzymes, and Bugs: It All Starts Here - 45-2192
Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion - 45-2191
Brain Fitness - 45-2231
Diet, Nutrition, and Managing Weight - 45-2239
Clinical Case Histories in Nutrition - 45-2242
Nutrition for the Cancer Patient - 45-2229
The Role of Nutrition in Autism - 45-2240
Nutrition and Wellness Aspects of Hormone Patient Care - 45-2249
Metabolic Medicine Supplements - 45-2280
Supplements, Hormones, and Their Impact on Cognitive Function - 45-2241
Nutrition and Wellness Aspects of Hormone Patient Care - 45-2249
Adrenal Fatigue: A Simplistic Term to Describe a Complex Process - 45-2228
Lifelong Support of Cognitive Function: From the Womb to the Tomb - 45-2256
Nutritional Support Following Traumatic Brain Injury - 45-2289
The Role for Cellular Micronutrient Analysis in Disease State Management - 45-2290
Improving Clinical Outcomes in Vascular Disease by Enhancing Nitric Oxide Levels - 45-2291
Utilizing Conventional Lab Measurement for Functional Medicine Outcomes - 45-2292
The Role of Liquid Protein Supplementation in a Contemporary Nutritional Practice - 45-2293


Pain, Wound and Scar 
Pain Management - Part 1 of 3 - 45-2121
Pain Management - Part 2 of 3 - 45-2122
Pain Management - Part 3 of 3 - 45-2123
Transdermal Pain Compounds - 45-2180
Pain & Wound Care - 45-2232
Treatment of Neuropathies and Inflammatory Conditions - 45-2230
Topical Pain Management in Podiatry - 45-2243
Wound Care and Scar Therapy - 45-2252
Psoriasis & Psoriatic Arthritis - 45-2257
Practical Approach to Scars: What You Must Know to Effectively Manage Scars - 45-2294

Thyroid Dysfunction and Patient Cases - 45-2237
The Use of Iodine to Achieve Optimal Thyroid Levels - 45-2247
Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders - 45-2248

Workflow in the Compounding Pharmacy and Proper Use of a Powder Containment Enclosure - 45-2265
Elements of a Total Quality Management Program - 45-2266
Quality by Design - 45-2267

Thyroid Dysfunction and Patient Cases - 45-2237
The Use of Iodine to Achieve Optimal Thyroid Levels - 45-2247
Autoimmune Thyroid Disorders - 45-2248

Veterinary Webinar - 45-2126
Veterinary Otitis - New Compounding Options - 45-2199
New Avenues for Success in Veterinary Medicine - 45-2233
Equine Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacotherapy - 45-2259

Insight into Wellness Spas - 45-2159
Primary Care and Disease Prevention - 45-2194
Establishing a Wellness and Medical Spa - 45-2246
Brain Fitness - 45-2231
The Pharmacists Role in Palliative Care – 45-2301

International Seminar 
Compounding in the Next 30 Years - 45-2181
Compounding for Iontophoresis and Phonophoresis - 45-2182
Cosmeceuticals - Taking it to the Next Level - 45-2177
Guerilla Marketing - 45-2167
Hospice and Pain Management - 45-2175
Pharmacist of the Year Panel - 45-2166
Pharmacist of the Year Member Panel - 45-2184
Pharmacist of the Year Panel: Clinical Pearls - 45-2168
Veterinary Compounding - 45-2176
Integrative Cancer Treatment & Compounding Opportunities - 45-2238
Brain Fitness - 45-2231
Integrative Medicine: Hormones & Beyond - 45-2234
Pain and Wound Care - 45-2232
New Avenues for Success in Veterinary Medicine - #45-2233
Thyroid Dysfunction - 45-2237
Consultants Corner - 45-2235
Emerging Concepts in Testosterone Replacement Therapy – 45-2262
Compounding: It's the Compounder not the Compound - 45-2263
The Consultant's Corner - 45-2264



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All of the PCCA videos to which you currently have access via our Members-only Website will migrate to the new VoD service, including all of our Equipment Demonstration and Compounding Technique videos, upon which our members depend to train themselves and their staff. The VoD site is customized for your membership and everyone on your staff. It’s important to note that initial access to the VoD site must be done through the Members-only Website. Subsequent logins to the VoD site can be made from any computer, without the need for a Digital Certificate! This will allow you to have education at your fingertips at any time of the day or night.

Rich Media

We’re excited to announce a new technology available on the site called Rich Media! PCCA will begin offering Rich Media for purchase through the Members-only Website via Online Ordering. Webinars will be available right away, covering topics such as Veterinary Compounding, Pain Management, Autism, Wellness Spas, and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). New Rich Media will be added monthly.

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This video format will allow you to control every aspect of your viewing experience. The main viewing window has two separate and distinct videos within it; the first video allows you to view the presenter conducting the lecture, while the second video contains the PowerPoint slides. Both video windows are synced up, resulting in a “rich,” interactive viewing experience for the end user. Each Rich Media video is keyword-searchable, allowing you to start playback from a list of main topics. Other advances include features similar to those on your home DVR, such as Resumed Playback, Pause, Stop, Rewind, and Fast Forward, plus document downloads, links to relevant websites, and an e-mail help/questions link to get answers about the subject you are watching when you need it most.

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