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“PCCA Institute’s Boot Camp training set a strong foundation for me to become a compounding pharmacist. PCCA Institute truly has allowed my pharmacy practice to excel.”

– Gilbert Sarmiento, PharmD

About PCCA Institute

Building on PCCA’s passion for continuing education, PCCA Institute provides high-quality compounding training to pharmacy students around the country. Our goal is to inform future pharmacists about compounding opportunities and how to meet unique patient needs.

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Our Courses

Our courses are designed for pharmacy students with varying backgrounds and levels of interest in compounding.

  • The Introductory Compounding Boot Camp is a great starting point for pharmacy students looking for hands-on training or a review of dosage forms and compounding techniques.
  • The Advanced and Veterinary Compounding courses take a deeper look into different fields of compounding and provide additional technique and lab training.
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PCCA Institute Student Membership

We’re changing the way you grow. Now included with every course is a FREE PCCA student membership, giving students access to the compounding industry’s biggest event, International Seminar. Plus, access to a free quarterly newsletter and select monthly conference calls brimming with compounding tools and tips.