The Sweeter Side of Compounding

  • Masks the bitter tasting flavor of medicines
  • Take the weight off your shoulders with PCCA quality assurance
  • Feel confident that each batch is accurately measured and meticulously tested by PCCA
  • Transport documetn description: UN1197 Extract, falvoring, liquid , 3, III UN-No. (DOT): UN 1197 Proper Shipping Name (DOT): Extracts, flavoring liquid Transport hazard class(es) (DOT): 3-Class 3- Flammable and combustible liquid 49 CFR 173.120 Hazard labels (DOT): 3-Flammable liquid Packing group (DOT): III- Minor Danager DOT Special Provisions (49 CFR: 172.102) : B1- IF the material has a flash point at or above 38C (100F) and below 93 C (200F), then the bulk packaging requirements of 173.241 of this subchapter are applicable. If the material has a flash point of less than 38C (100F), the the bulk packaging requirements of 173.242 of this subchapter are applicable IB3:-Authorized IBCs: Metal (31A, 31B and 31N); Rigid plastics (31H and 31H2); Composit ( 31HZ1 and 31HA2, 31HB2,31HN2, 31 HD2 and 31HH2) . Additonal Requirement: Only liquids with a vapor pressure less than or equal to 110kPa at 50C (1.1 bar at 122F) , or 130kPa at 55C (1.3 bar at 131F) are authorized, except for UN2672 (also see Special Provision IP8 in table 2 for UN2672). T2-1.5 178.274(d) (2) Normal.....178.275(d) (3) TP1-The maximum degree of filling must not exceed the degree of filling determined by the following: Degree of filling =97/1 +a (tr-tf) Where: tr is the maximum mean bulk temperature during transport, and tf is the temperature in degrees celsius of the liquid during filling. DOT Packaging Exceptions (49 CFR :150 DOT Packaging Non Bulk (49 CFR :203 DOT Packaging Bulk (49 CFR 242 DOT Quantity Limitations Passenger aircraft/rail (49 CFR 173.27):60 L DOT Quantity Limitations Cargo aircraft only (49 CFR 175.75):220L Additonal information: Other information: No supplementary information available ADR: No additional inforamtion available Transport by sea: UN-No (IMDG):1197 Proper Shipping Name (IMDG): Extract, flavoring, liquid Class (IMDG): 3-Flammable liquids Packing group (IMDG): III-substances presenting low danger Air transport: UN-No. (IATA): 1197 Proper Shipping Name (IATA): Extracts, Flavouring, liquid Class (IATA) : 3-FLammable Liquids Packing group (IATA):III-Minor Danger DOT Vessel Stowage Location: A-The material may be towed "on deck" or "under deck" on a cargo vessel and on a passenger vessel.
Test Specification
Description Clear, colorless liquid; sweet odor.
Solubility Soluble in water, alcohol, and propylene glycol.
Specific gravity about 0.960 +/- 0.05

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