MUCOLOX™ (30-4782)

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Staying power.

Formulating prescriptions for mucous membranes – whether oral, vaginal or rectal – has its challenges. There’s the tendency for the preparation to rub off or be washed away, which decreases the amount of time the medication is in contact with the mucosal surface. It’s also critical that the preparation be nonirritating because of the prolonged contact time with delicate tissue.

Exclusively from PCCA, MucoLox is a revolutionary base that combines the benefits of water-solubility with unprecedented staying power. It can be used with active pharmaceutical ingredients to help deliver long-lasting adhesion for oral and other mucosal surfaces.

MucoLox’s one-of-a-kind polymer network brings improved moisturization and protection, but won’t easily wash away, bonding to the mucosa to create a powerful but lightweight coating effect. When used with APIs, MucoLox’s advanced adhesive properties help improve contact time of the API to the mucosa.


  • Water-soluble for improved moisturization
  • Innovative coating effect
  • Improves contact time of API to mucosal surfaces
  • Outstanding stability
  • Pleasant, neutral taste
  • Formulated without gluten, casein, dye, and parabens, among other allergens

Mucolox is ideal for formulations used in/on:

  • Dental/oral rinse/mouthwash
  • Oral moisturizer/protectant
  • Esophageal suspension
  • Swish/spit/swallow formulas
  • Wounds
  • Rectal tissue
  • Vaginal tissue
  • Enemas
  • Lip therapy

More on Mucolox:

  • 64519-82-0
  • N/A
Test Specification
Description Colorless, semi-translucent viscous liquid; Characteristic odor
pH 5-6
Solubility Soluble in water
Specific Gravity 0.9-1.15
Viscosity 4000-12000 cps

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