XYLIFOS® (30-4894)

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For patients suffering from chronic, recurrent or resistant sinus conditions, LoxaSperse can be a real game changer. That’s because this innovative powder base for nasal nebulizations and irrigations was created to go right to the desired site of action. Here’s how:

Improved drug delivery

  • LoxaSperse is used for intranasal formulations directly targeting sinus problems, in contrast to oral medications, which have to circulate throughout the entire body and may not adequately deliver the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), as well as create potential for systemic side effects
  • Its proprietary blend of xylitol and poloxamers reduces particle size and increases the solubility and dispersibility of APIs, potentially enhancing drug delivery and absorption

More effective and simplified process

  • It’s ideal for multi-drug therapy because it’s dispensed as a powder, which minimizes any drug compatibility and storage/stability concerns that come with water-containing bases while helping practitioners better target their patients’ specific conditions
  • As a powder preparation, it’s typically dispensed in convenient capsules that are more portable than liquid solutions, so it’s easier for patients to stay compliant with their regimens
  • Additionally, the powder/capsule preparation provides a longer beyond-use date and requires neither refrigeration nor preservatives

Validated through testing

  • May have synergistic activity with common antimicrobial agents
  • May increase activity against biofilms

More on LoxaSperse:

  • Not available.
Test Specification
Description White powder, characteristic odor
pH 6-7.4
Solubility Soluble in water

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