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Metal mold consisting of an upper portion, or die, with 50 cavities and two large cavities on each of the short sides. The lower portion, or base, is a fairly thick plate in which pegs, conforming in pattern to the perforations in the die, are set. When the mold is used for tablet triturates, the perforations in the die are filled with the moistened tablet material using a hard rubber spatula. The die is placed on the base, positioned so that the two large pegs of the base are inserted into the two large cavities in the die. When the die is properly positioned, it is pressed down firmly so that the pegs displace the tablets from the cavities. When the mold is used for troches, place tape on one side of the mold. Use a syringe to place compound into the cavities. Once the compound has cooled, the tape is removed and the troches are then removed using the punch portion of the mold.

Calibrations for Tablet Triurate Mold mini troches (per troche)

  • 60 mg mold = 0.061 Gm; 100 mg mold = 0.103 Gm
  • 100 mg mold = 0.103 Gm; 200 mg mold = 0.213 Gm

Jaansun® Capsule Machine cleaning brushes (#35-2210, #35-2211 and #35-2212) may be used to clean the tablet triturate molds. Each size plate is 3” × 6”, Dishwasher-safe. DEA certificate required to purchase these molds 200 mg Mold: Plate is approximately 6 mm deep; cavities are approximately 5 mm in diameter.

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