TOPI-CLICK BLUE 35 ML (0.25ML/CLICK), 3 PORT (35-5484)

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Topi-Click® 35 3 Port  

Easy, accurate topical application for very viscous preparations.

The Topi-Click 35 3Port is an industry-leading metered topical applicator created by DoseLogix®. It’s the all-in-one solution for accurate and consistent dosing of topical medications, and it’s easy to use, encouraging patient compliance.

The Topi-Click 35 3Port is designed and recommended for use with very viscous preparations only.


  • Consistent dosing throughout regimen
  • No user variability
  • Dosing accuracy not affected by viscosity of base or overall formulation
  • Easy to use because of strong, audible clicks; heavy, tactile sensations; and visual indicators
  • Comfort and convenience with friction-free, built-in applicator
  • Patients are reminded to refill by the refill indicator
  • Protection of contents with UV-blocking, BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic


  • Volume dispensed/click: 0.25 mL
  • Total capacity: up to 37 mL
  • Total volume delivered: up to 34 mL
  • Approximate priming volume: 0.50 mL (2 clicks)
  • Approximate residual volume: 2.50 mL


Topi-Click 35 3Port Colors

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