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The Child-Lock Troche Mold for PEG- and gelatin-based troches has an innovative design enabling pharmacies to dispense troches in a child-resistant, tamper-evident, easy-to-use system. The 30-cavity tray locks into the sleeve when it is fully inserted, and a red, tamper-evident seal can be applied to let the patient know if the mold has been opened. To open the mold, the patient simply needs to squeeze the side tabs at the top of the case while sliding the tray out.


  • Innovative Design: Child resistant compliant, tamper evident seals and semi-transparent trays
  • Child Resistant: 16 CFR 1700.20 and ISO 8317 compliant
  • Tamper evident: Red, tamper-evident seals can be easily applied by the compounder when the preparation is ready to be dispensed
  • Compliant: Meets USP light transmission requirements and composed of FDA-compliant resin
  • Recyclable: Made of BPA-free, number 5 plastic

Please Note: Compounders should calibrate the Child-Lock Troche Mold with the specific lot of the base they are using to prepare troches. It is recommended to spray the mold cavities with non-stick cooking spray and allow excess to drain on a paper towel prior to filling them with troche preparation.

Additionally, it is recommended to dispense the preparation with a troche paddle (PCCA #35-2135) and counsel the patient on how to use the mold and the paddle. These measures will aid patients in removing the troches from the mold.

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